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Reserved and shy your average guy just out of shape with messy hair.

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Noah Neiman by Evan Taylor Gunville
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  • on being a “grown up”

    So yeah, hi tumblr, long time no see. 

    Updating on my personal life now: so i moved to a bigger city than my town and i am now cursing the last semesters of my B.A here, also i have a job as an elementary english teacher, thing is i miss the simplicity of my little town, and i am sure that is this ugly city i am living in, i don’t like it. I don’t like the weather, i don’t like the architecture, i don’t like people, it’s been harder since the last month, when i had to deal with the horrible public transportation system to get a wide variety of documents so i could apply for the teacher job, then they just put me out there on that school where i am supposed to teach a higher level of instruction even tho the kids are far behind  that status. And i miss my girl, o god, how i miss her, she is really busy too, working and with school but i just can’t wait for the day when i can live life by her side, i am aware that this is a transitory point on my life, university will be ending next year and i for sure will get a better job, but is hard to adapt and being a grown up with many responsibilities. Also i was for a month living on Vancouver, GOSH what a beautiful place, i truly want to live there for at least a year.  

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  • "Fart on your body I came alive"
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what a story
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Haven’t even seen this yet and already getting spooked 😨
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checking out new followers
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